Key team members

Juraj Ulehla



Juraj gave up his successful and relatively safe career in Tatrabanka (head of the integrated risk management) for the life of an entrepreneur. Juraj stands behind one of the very first solar energy projects ever built in central Europe (Polesovice, Czech republic). Later he founded Slovak Association for Photovoltaic Energy and successful solar energy development company MyEnergy. Juraj invests significant portion of his free time in an exciting project of retrofitting an antique Porsche into electric race car. His special passion, though, is restoring vintage race cars made by Skoda, many of them considered jewels from behind the Iron Curtain.

Peter Badik



Peter has been in CleanTech for more than 7 years. His journey lead to electric by the way of solar energy, and before that he used to work for a major Austrian bank group managing an investment portfolio of government bonds. Peter also co-founded and leads the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association. Although routinely responding to emails as late as 11pm, Peter always insists on spending 7-9 pm with his family and his three sons. In his free time he is the right person to ask about delicate flavour shades of quality single malt whiskey and with whom to enjoy a genuine Cuban cigar.

Rastislav Lauko



Rastislav is GreenWay’s executive director in charge of operations and sales. He undertook this challenging role after leaving an executive position with SPP, a national gas distribution company. At SPP, as the Asset Management Director, Rastislav managed 100 mil EUR investment budgets and oversaw similar major operations. Rastislav’s special gift is an incredible sense of order. He likes skiing and jogging and in addition to his work with GreenWay he is involved in charitable non-profit organizations.

Oswald Brandstetter

Business Development Manager, Austria


Oswald, or Ossi as we call him, does a great job in building GreenWay’s recognition among German speaking customers. Prior to joining GreenWay, Ossi spent 15 years working for the Raiffeisen International Bank group, including as the Vice President and Head of International Corporates with Tatrabanka. Ossi’s academic background is in economics and he studied at universities in London, Moscow and Vienna. He also serves as a board member with the Slovak-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. He alternates living in Vienna and Bratislava but insists on calling Bratislava his hometown.

Günther Holpfer

Business Development Austria


Günter brings over 25 years of international management experience with major enterprises in the sectors of transport, telecommunications, telematics and energy to the GreenWay team. After attending Technical College (HTL) with subsequent studies in business at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna his professional focus was starting new firms in new markets and business areas. Alongside this was an emphasis on sales. For the last three years he has been busy in building up the Sales and Business Development department of Austria’s largest e-mobility provider and was also instrumental in the construction of the largest nationwide fast charging network. Günter loves to spend his leisure time doing outdoor activities with his family.

Manolo de la Fuente

Country Manager Netherlands


Since his first job, Manolo has focused on developing new market approaches, commercial partnerships and introducing new services. The wide variety of industries he has worked in include international logistics, transport research, offshoring, digital learning resources, online solutions and debt collection services. He and his family live in The Hague, Netherlands, a perfect city to work on his beach volleyball skills in. After work he also helps start-ups to grow.

Mario Paroha

Head of Research


Mario is expert on automotive lithium-ion batteries and the director of the majority of GreenWay’s technology innovation projects. He spends most of the day speaking with various partners of ours, thinking about and engineering innovating cutting edge products such as the dual use of our vehicles for transportation and backup electricity storage. In the past Mario dealt with new technologies from various university research positions and helped many ambitious start-ups realize their potential while working with InQb accelerator. An expert on European innovation projects, outside work he transforms into an expert on Slovak mountains and folk dances.

Jakub Durinda

Chief Operating Officer


Jakub, an expert on drivetrains and automotive batteries, plays a key role on our team – overseeing and managing all of our technical operations. Jakub studied at Universities in Strasbourg, Bratislava, and Zagreb and, for a short time, studied at South China University of Technology. He is fluent in English, French, Slovak and Croatian, manages in German, and has started picking up Mandarin during his  business trips to China. In his free time Jakub is building an electric bike and is also very active in the preservation of Slovak cultural and technical heritage.

Sona Lehocka

General Counsel


Sona is our all around legal powerhouse, ready to tackle all of the issues our dynamic, scaling, multi-national venture encounters. Her true strengths are corporate and financial law, but she is also adept at managing cooperation with specialised legal advisors in other countries in the most difficult matters. Before joining GreenWay she worked for an international legal advisory. Whenever needed, she produces precisely worded dual language English-Slovak contracts or speaks to you in perfect Hungarian.

Peter Hofierka

Chief Financial Officer


Peter is a modern breed of financier who enjoys merging finance and IT and steering the fleet of Greenway ships through the waters of corporate finance, accounting and taxes. His strategic mission is to advance Greenway’s operational excellence and achieve perfection in allocating Greenway’s resources through financial analysis, excel magic and IT. His road to Greenway led through a Big Four audit firm, a research NGO and CFM in insurance. Peter likes behavioral economics and works on building an understanding of why people do what they do.

Michal Parišek

Account manager - Slovakia & Czech rep


Over the past 12 years, he worked as a manager, assessed business plans, solved industry analyses, and represented a leasing company. He developed lands for warehouses, logistics, filling stations, business centres and photovoltaic power plants.

Martin Borcin

International Development & Investor Relations


Martin’s role at GreenWay is to develop operations at some of the most exciting electromobility markets in Europe and building quality relations with GreenWay’s venture & growth investors. He has been in CleanTech for 8 years, launching 10 solar energy power plants into operation in central Europe while at MyEnergy company. Today, Martin travels between his home in Canada and the Europe to pursue GreenWay’s goals. His favourite arts are classic jazz and Italian cuisine, with a very proactive approach to the second one.

Michal Povazan

Director for European area research projects


Michal is in charge of organising and general management of those GreenWay research activities which are co-financed by the European Union. A general practice lawyer by profession, Michal has some of the most prestigious background of any of our colleagues at GreenWay: he worked as the Managing Director of the Slovak PPP (Private-Public Partnerships) Association, as an advisor to the Slovak ambassador to a European Union member state, and most, recently leading the Minister’s Chancery of the Slovak Ministry of Justice. Michal also lectures at Comenius University School of Law.