Commercial Electric Vehicles as a Service

Leading the transition towards clean and sustainable logistics

Our vision is a Europe cleaner, healthier and energy independent. We bring you a new approach to delivering your goods and achieving these goals at the same time. Through our electric vehicles as a service model we provide you with quality OEM and custom designed electric vehicles, access to charging infrastructure, electric energy, service & maintenance, a web based fleet management system, and true user support. Your switch to electric has never been easier.


  • medart

    We were very satisfied with Greenway Operator. It provided full service for our fleet with easy going management and smooth run. It is truly great that we are no longer slaves to fluctuating fuel prices. Quite the opposite, Greenway gives us fixed, flat monthly fee.

    Marcel Džačovský, fleet manager MED-ART spol. s.r.o.

  • DPD_logo(red)2015

    We were very satisfied with the GreenWay services. The vehicles turned out to be a full-fledged alternative to using diesel for delivery. DPD finds it important that this GreenWay technology contributes to the protection of environment, since we run a similar project DPD Total-Zero in which we aim to guarantee carbon-neutral transport to all DPD customers.

    Ing.Peter Pavuk, Operation Director, Direct Parcel Distribution SK s.r.o

  • TNT VERT logo lockup_ORG

    Reducing CO2 output is an official global initiative of TNT Express Group. Therefore, our branches in Slovakia and Czech Republic explore possibilities of supporting development of electric vehicles. We plan to deploy electromobiles in our depots in Prague and Brno by the end of this year and in 2015 also in Ostrava and Hradec Králové.

    Milan Šmid, Depot Operations Manager, TNT Express Worldwide s.r.o

In March 2016 Greenway delivered 4 new eVan k3’s to the Slovak Post, the first electric vehicles in its fleet. Over the course of their current four year contract, they will prevent an estimated  96 tons of CO2 from being released. They can now be found delivering packages all around Bratislava.

GW Slovak Post Evans

The GreenWay Service is an innovative solution that combines unique technology and an innovative service based business model. It has been specifically designed to provide logistics professionals with a valuable tool in both the reliability and price dimensions.

Switching to electric has never been easier. In one bundle the GreenWay Service provides experienced advice on how to best integrate electric vehicles into your fleet, leasing of advanced, customized electric vehicles, charging, prepaid operation costs, and excellent, experienced, responsive customer support.

We understand you can’t afford expensive experiments. That is why the GreenWay Service comes with clear, predictable pricing based on your actual mileage driven. Your monthly payments are your complete costs, including energy and charging, insurance, maintenance, tax etc.  And what’s more, the GreenWay Service is priced at a very competitive level compared to the TCO of the rest of your fleet.

Are you doing 150 km a day? 300 kilometres? GreenWay can do that, and even more. Our technology is a unique innovation consisting of three distinct technological components: an eVAN electric vehicle with 230 kilometres base of range, a battery swap system, and a powerful IT system enabling your fleet manager to make the most of your zero emission vehicles. No other electric vehicle on the market is able to do similar heavy duty work. GreenWay holds a world record for the most kilometres driven by an EV in 24 hours to prove it.

The GreenWay Service makes a real difference when it comes to getting harmful pollutants off our streets. Over its lifetime, a single GreenWay vehicle typically saves:

  • PM10 solid particles – 17kg
  • HC – 20kg
  • Nox – 31kg
  • CO – 320kg

We also make a significant impact on mitigating global climate change - a single GreenWay vehicle prevents 60 tons of CO2 from being released into the air during its lifetime. This number will grow higher as we plan on using even more renewables in the future.


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