Press Release: Greenway a Finalist for Prestigious European Union Sustainability Award

10. May 2016

GW Corporate Press Release EUSEW 2016 finalist


Accelerating transition towards sustainable urban logistics. Now with a 3.25 mil euro tail wind

14. January 2016

Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and BMW i3 catch lots of attention and rightly so, as they were the first to prove that electric cars can be attractive and desirable. But it will be the heavy duty segments such as delivery trucks and buses that will experience the most dynamic transition to electric in the years to come. That’s because their economies are so compelling. And now we have a new, 3.25 mil reason to keep accelerating this transition. GreenWay


Let’s push VW for 1.000.000 electric vehicles

25. September 2015

Volkswagen has a problem. A big one. By way of manipulation they were able to emit 40 times more poisonous emissions than they were allowed. Volkswagen misinterpreted the health impacts of their vehicles towards millions of people in the same way as Tobacco companies have done in the past. Tobacco companies are much more honest now, but lost tens of billions dollars in ‘honesty therapy’ in the process. There is no reason not to believe that this kind of billion


Das eAuto

16. September 2015

Golf is the highest selling European car of all time, so it comes as no surprise that Volkswagen chose it to experiment with electric drives. Driving this car was a thrilling experience for me. From the first moment I was impressed by its stability, handling characteristics and the classic design. Compact design and energy saving tires make many electromobiles less stable in turns than we are normally used to. Luckily this is not the case with eGolf since the vehicle 


2nd international gathering of electric vehicles in Slovakia

14. September 2015

Bojnice castle will host International gathering of electric vehicles in Slovakia. Yet 2nd annual addition of this exciting event will take place 19th of September. Visitors will be able to enjoy intersting prgram including many workshops. Intelligent charging, proper batteries maintenance or economy driving style will featured among many other actual topics. Demonstration vehicles will also be available so that the vitors will be having an opportunity to find out how easy and enjoyable it is to drive these fascinating


London becomes first world city to quantify the health effects of nitrogen dioxide NO2

4. August 2015

Extreme air pollution is a problem not just in the big East Asian metropolises. We just hear about these most often due to smog several times exceeding the safety limits. Beijing is actually becoming the synonym for extremely high concentration of harmful particles in the air, time and time again. Last occasion was in January this year, as the Chinese metropolis found itself covered in a thick smog haze exceeding 20 times the limits considered safe by the World Health


Tour de France 2015

17. July 2015

When the new cycling team Etixx - Quick-Step jersey for the season of 2015 has been revealed, along with the GreenWay Operator logos as the team’s new sponsor, we were impatient to see what this cooperation will bring. It is not very common for a little-known company originating from Slovakia to support world’s top athletes. But we enjoyed innitiating a change, same as it is with innovatons for sustainable transport. Tour de France, the planet’s most watched cycling race, has


Slovak crew heading out for the biggest electromobiles race

9. June 2015

Slovakia is for the second time participating in the world race for electrotomobiles called Wave (World Advanced Vehicle Expedition). Slovak team consists of young electromobility enthusiasts from the civic association NOW (, which supports the development and popularization of electromobility in Slovakia. The electro-race begins on June 12 in Plauen (Germany) and ends on June 20 in St. Galen (Switzerland). Slovakia Team will be appearing in the second generation Nissan Leaf electric car, facing the route approximately 4 000 km


Slovakia once again host to cyclists taking part in prestigious Carpathian Couriers Race

4. May 2015

Slovakia once again had the honor to host one of Europe’s most prestigious cycling events for young cyclists under 23. The Carpathian Couriers Race, which is part of the International Cycling Union (UCI), launched April 28 from Polish Tarnów heading for the hills of Jablonka municipality with arrival in Žilina. The third stage of the race, bringing together European elite of cycling youth, continued by a 126 km stretch between Stará Bystrica and Bytča. On May 2 the riders could


How important are the charging stations to electromobility development?

20. April 2015

Electromobiles encounter many different criticisms on a daily basis. It is not just their, only seemingly, higher price which causes bad will, but also the lack of charging stations. Although these have been growing like mushrooms in continental Europe, this still cannot be compared for example to Japan with chargers available literally on every corner. Constant construction and expansion of the infrastructure is therefore important, if nothing else as an argument for those deciding whether it makes sense to switch


Nissan LEAF: Thanks a Billion

18. March 2015

How many kilometres must an electromobile clock up for people to believe that it’s able to replace conventional vehicles? The Nissan Leaf, one of the symbols of modern road transport for the 21st century, reached the mighty number of 1 billion. This is how much Leaf owners managed to travel in just four years, without unnecessary attention, quietly and with no emissions. And this is just the beginning…



18. January 2015

Electromobility in Slovakia and in Europe got a green light from the EU

10. January 2015

Although not many electromobiles drive on Slovak roads, thanks to new projects by GreenWay the situation may change. The European Commission will support as many as two projects of ours designed to offer greater comfort to motorists driving electromobiles. In five years we will in Slovakia add two more stations where batteries could not only be quickly recharged, but also replaced. In addition our country will become a part of the Central European Green Corridor. This will mean problem free


Diesels in France to be gone for good

10. January 2015

Can you imagine roads without diesel cars? The French government can imagine such a situation. And not only that. They talk very expressively about the vehicles for which air pollution is only a distant concept, describing them as a mistake which has no place on the roads. They also prepared a plan to expel them from the roads and to discourage consumers from their purchase. Cars with diesel engines are in fact very popular in France, which is also one


Recent global oil markets development and impact on the GreenWay business. Update on current Series B fundraising.

9. January 2015

Martin BorcinSenior Specialist Investor Relations at GreenWay There has been remarkable development on global oil markets recently. I would like to detail on how does our team see its impact on our business and to reason why we actually think this situation might result in strengthening our business over medium to long term. In stress test assuming improbable scenario of new oil price level is here to stay for 10 years or more, GreenWay relative pricing would change by +20


Greenway – launching the European support of electromobility in Slovakia

17. December 2014

TEN-T projects are not just about building classical roads or water and rail infrastructure, but also about promoting environmentally acceptable alternative transports. Slovak Republic strongly supports the reduction of pollution in accordance with their international obligations. To achieve the ambitious targets for improving the quality of the environment the public support needs to be aimed at encouraging innovative private companies whose products contribute to reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Greenway is one such company - the first



12. December 2014

Omega Pharma as a title sponsor on the center chest of the jersey is replaced by the name Etixx, and on the right sleeve of the team’s jersey, instead of janom s.r.o. the GreenWay logo will be displayed representing the GreenWay project by janom s.r.o.— a new era in electro-mobility for commercial purposes. Also new to the sponsors present on the 2015 kits is Klein Constantia, on the upper left chest. Dating back to 1685, Klein Constantia has been described


Flying car from Slovakia transforms dreams into reality

21. November 2014

It is obvious at first sight that AeroMobil is not your typical vehicle. As the very name suggests it is in its own way a hybrid vehicle, combining the advantages of a conventional car and a light aircraft. And it is exactly this combination of two diametrically opposed elements that raised an unprecedented buzz in the world. The Slovak duo that stands behind the development of this flying car with number 3.0 worked on the project for incredible 25 years.


EU will support deployment of electric freight transport in Slovakia

18. November 2014

One of the main obstacles of using electric vehicles for light freight transport is the lack of charging facilities along highways. This project will help to mitigate this problem in Slovakia through pilot deployment of two energy hubs (battery swapping and fast charging station) for small electric trucks enabling electric freight transport between cities. The project will analyse in detail all of the technical, economic and environmental aspects of light electric vehicles, and the results of these studies will be


My thanks to GreenWay for a weekend with Leaf

14. November 2014

Our electric Nissan Leaf was during 4-7 November exposed in Aupark Košice, where visitors of center could win it for a weekend. After a brief but clear orientation full of information I could not wait to drive this (Nissan Leaf) car. After all the officialities, by the way with a very pleasant representative of the Greenway company Mario:-), it finally came to driving. After taking the car from parking at Aupark and an instructional ride, which made me even


New name, new goals. We introduce cycling team AWT – GreenWay

11. November 2014

Continental cycling team Etixx got a new young blood. In the next season it will not only appear under a new name, AWT-GreenWay, but the roster will also be reinforced by new ambitious athletes aiming for the highest goals. As the name suggests the main sponsors are now the transport company of Zdeněk Bakala, AWT, and the Slovak investment firm Janom, which keeps tirelessly promoting now an international company in the field of electromobility GreenWay Operator. New season deserves also


Tesla looking to build a factory in Slovakia

15. October 2014

The enormous global interest in this electric car company forced Tesla to start looking beyond the borders of the United States and build a new production plant in one of the European countries. One of the strongest candidates is Slovakia, with its experience in car manufacturing and at the same time ideal conditions for rapid expansion of electromobility throughout Central Europe. The GreenWay Operator too claims its share on this since it is, together with its partners, building an extensive


Creation of a network of charging stations in eastern Europe

8. October 2014

Eleven strong partners, among them car producers (BMW, Nissan, Renault and VW, location partner OMV, energy supplier ZSE (Slovakia) as well as the Slovenian government will improve the current network of fast charging stations im CEE quickly, this will be done under the lead of VERBUND and should enable a more comfortable use of electric mobility on a day to day basis. ASFINAG and Austria Tech will be supporting the project as technical partners. CEGC applied for funds with support


Bratislava makes crucial step towards promoting electromobiles

8. October 2014

Arguments for cleaner air in cities apparently worked. The City Council in the capital unequivocally approved the document allowing the development of electromobility in unprecedented proportions. What does this mean? Owners of electric cars will be able, for example, to park and travel within city limits more easily. The proposal, which the council unanimously green lit, allows for cheaper parking for owners of electric vehicles and also allows them entry into core city centre and pedestrian zones. Motorists with electric


Bratislava turns green thanks to European Mobility Week

21. September 2014

Bratislava is no longer drab and grey. It’s green! Even more so since the city participated once again in the European Mobility Week, giving presentation space to companies well versed in ecology & green solutions at the conference on ecology and its economic impacts on the business sector. Naturally, GreenWay was in attendance with our representative Rastislav Lauko demonstrating how electromobiles can be used easily and without unnecessary hassles. Not only that, new green traffic trends are no longer solely


Electric Citroën Berlingo coming to firms

11. August 2014

The manufacturer declares driving range of 170 km, but we managed only 140 km maximum on a single charge. The manufacturer, however, highlights its fast 30-minute charging times via the CHAdeMO system. But if the driver wants to charge the vehicle with a standard 1-phase plug he or she must reckon with a significant time constraint; up to around 14 hours. The van indeed carries a greater storage space (4.1 cubic metres) than the Streetscooter postal van, but has a


World renowned Tour de Pologne made history by teaming up with electromobility

10. August 2014

Seven stages, 208 racers, 30-thousand fans, 4 million viewers, five electric vehicles. Do you know what connects these numbers? The largest Central European professional cycling event, the Tour de Pologne which for its fifth stage - and for the first time ever - held in Slovakia!  In years to come this event will be remembered not only by the thousands of participants and millions of viewers who had the opportunity to experience the great atmosphere of the race. With the


We tested Streetscooter – an electric delivery van for postal couriers

7. August 2014

The German Streetscooter is a van, heading into small scale production, with a storage capacity of 4 m3 and a load capacity of 750 kg. All three sides of its storage space are easily accessible via a retractable tailgate. The van’s main advantages are an elevated loading surface, a side camera, as well as an improved lighting system for improved package handling. On the other hand the benefits mentioned are balanced by some disadvantages, in particular the relatively small driving


Norway still leader in the development of electromobility

1. August 2014

Norway is one of the world’s big powers in the number of electric cars. It is also the most developed market for electromobility in Europe. In number of electric vehicles it overtook many countries whose size and population are many times larger. According to the latest statistics Norway with 5,1-million of people is a home to 35 thousand electric cars, which after conversion means one electric car on every 143 residents. For comparison the 38-million California counts 20 million registered


We rode with GreenWay electric van

10. June 2014

All drivers using the car rated is as very good. They had absolutely no problem to use it in the given area. When driving in town, the drivers liked the “automatic gear box” and very good acceleration, even when the car was fully loaded. The declared driving range of approximately 200 km was proven to be realistic. We also appreciated the on-board computer, especially the estimated driving range indicator, which reacted to the current power consumption and driving style. Reduction


Tesla plans to build hundreds of factories to manufacture batteries. The reasons are severalfold

1. June 2014

Tesla is responding to the increased demand for Model S electric car in the world market. While today it produces 700 vehicles a week, by the end of the year the production capacity should increase to 1,000 vehicles per week. Nevertheless, those interested in the best electric cars must currently wait long queues. It is because demand still far exceeds the supply and Tesla’s plans to extend production are thus becoming a necessity. In connection with the expansion of production


EU-wide charging network delivers easy electric travel

27. May 2014

Everybody could attend the event which kicked off on May 17 in Munich. The interest from motorists was enormous. The organisers managed to reach more than one thousand owners of electric cars who made the 4200 km long journey. During nine days they visited Luxembourg, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest. A column of electric cars arrived and parked near the new building of the Slovak National Theatre on Sunday morning. The public attending the event had


Bratislava & Košice are connected by a network of charging stations for electric cars.

15. May 2014

On May 15, 2021 GreenWay introduced into operation a network of 15 quick charging stations for electric cars throughout the route between Bratislava and Košice, thereby effectively connecting the two metropoles of western and eastern Slovakia, making clean transport with electric vehicles available throughout the country without restrictions. The introduction of these charging stations into active operation was also attended by the Mayor of Košice city Richard Raši,  Director of the Mayor’s Office of Bratislava city Ľubomír Andrassy and Austrian


VIDEO El-Hurricane

8. April 2014

El Hurricane- the most powerful electric car from GreenWay on Vimeo.


New generation of K2 electromobiles successfully tested

7. April 2014

Compared to the original electromobiles the K2’s power output has been ramped up by more than 50% from the original 100 kW to 158 kW, and the weight of the new motor has also been halved. Instead of a conventional 6-speed gearbox the vehicle has a transmission with fixed one-step transfer. With this, virtually any need for gear shifting has been eliminated. The driver simply sets the gear lever, similar as in vehicles with automatic transmissions where he selects either


Tesla in Norway breaking records again

7. April 2014

Tesla is known for its particularly good position in the automobile market in Norway. We intentionally emphasize it is the car market and not just the market for electric vehicles, as Tesla has often managed to overtake sales of the largest producers of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Model S is simply the bestseller in Norway and the European rarity at the same time, with the local consumers willing to buy this not an inexpensive electric car even second-hand or


Electromobiles combat smog. Paris found solution to air pollution

19. March 2014

According to the New York Times, Paris is one of the relatively clean cities, at least in terms of air pollution by dust particles. Nevertheless, in the first half of March pollution reached alarming levels. Incidentally, the same situation also occurred in January in Beijing, China. While the Chinese authorities decided to combat the smog with traffic restrictions and warnings to residents who were advised to stay at home during high air pollution, Paris has chosen a different tactic. Increased


Do you know which electromobiles are doing best in Europe?

14. March 2014

Electromobility is a thing not only in the Nordic countries in Europe, such as Norway, Finland, but thanks to the support at local and international levels the people in France, Great Britain, and Germany are increasingly taking to electric cars. Paradoxically, it’s none of those countries where the largest number of electric cars and hybrids have been sold in the past year. The Netherlands is at the top. In the country of tulips electric cars accounted for slightly less than


A Day with GreenWay

10. March 2014

Nissan LEAF the most environmentally friendly electric vehicle

19. February 2014

The carbon footprint is often used to express electric car’s environmental impact. It is also a common argument in favor of electric vehicles, whose environmental impact on Earth’s climate is much lower than that of conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines. The legislation of several countries, including those of European Union, favour an effort to minimize the amount of emissions produced by cars resulting in an even greater support for electromobility. Speaking about carbon footprint, which acts as a sort


Electric cars are the future of automobile industry

24. January 2014

The head of  Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has expressed on several occasions his public sympathy for  electric vehicles as a future trend in the automotive industry. He personally is a fan of electric vehicles and talks about them with a particular enthusiasm. According to recent statements by Carlos Ghosn, a bright future awaits electric cars. More and more car manufacturers are talking about the partial change in focus and adapting to the market, giving electromobility a chance to succeed. The largest


Tesla continues to build momentum. Posts surprising financial results once again

20. January 2014

A lot has been written about the Tesla company. Tesla is the prototypical American dream epitomizing the most daring visions. Not so long ago people looked at electric cars without a hint of confidence and through their fingers. And they were not alone. The big automakers too would not acknowledge this future trend and steadfastly claimed that they do not have and in the near future will not have place for electric cars. Tesla has shown how one relatively small


Tax incentives as a path to electromobility development

8. January 2014

Tax breaks for the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles will allow it to save up to $ 34.7 million. California is famous for supporting progressive technologies that have the potential and ambition to change the world. The demand for the electric cars in this country is greater than anywhere else. Today no one doubts Tesla, which is the number one player on the electric vehicle market. Moreover Model S is in short supply not only in the United States but


Vehicles with internal combustion engines reached all-time high fuel efficiency. What next?

2. January 2014

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA fuel efficiency in cars manufactured after 2012 increased by 22 percent and thus reached its all time high. But the EPA put an interesting question on the table. Where to go next? The rising price of petrol and diesel is problem not just in the United States, but affects virtually all countries dependent on oil and natural gas imports. EPA findings attributed the achieved fuel efficiency to two factors. One is the


PF 2014

20. December 2013

Around the world in an electric car in six months - Part 4: Electric vehicles bring positive user experiences and efficiency

14. December 2013

The deployment of electric cars into full operation by companies leads to an increase in their usage efficiency. This stems from a real knowledge of the fact that the companies which have started using electric cars have gradually increased their use often beyond that of conventional vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines. During the first six months of GreenWay vans deployment at our client we ascertained that there are virtually no barriers that would hinder their full utilisation.Employees who came


Around the world in an electric car in six months - Part 3: Cleaner air and lower noise levels thanks to electric vehicles

13. December 2013

In practice the benefits from the use of electric cars may not be immediately visible. In addition to lower operating costs, which motivate the companies probably the most to transition, we can talk in respect to their deployment in regards to cleaner air and a significantly lower carbon footprint. Congested roads in cities complicate the lives of not only drivers but also the people who are forced to breathe exhaust fumes, produced primarily by cars. Although electric cars will not


Around the world in an electric car in six months - Part 2: Electric vehicles also deliver companies significant cost savings

12. December 2013

With electric cars companies have the opportunity to not only conserve nature and free themselves from dependency on oil companies, but also to deliver significant savings. As confirmed by years of experience, oil prices and hence the prices of oil products are unstable and in the last decade have been increasing disproportionately. This represents a significant problem for companies that need to calculate fuel costs in the horizon of several months in advance. Constantly rising fuel costs are therefore a


Around the world in an electric car in six months - Part 1: Driving range - 38,502km/6months

9. December 2013

Six months after the deployment of our first electric vehicles into daily working routine it is time for an assessment. We are proud to have achieved our first historic milestone which means a lot not only for GreenWay but also the development of electromobility in Slovakia. In May 2013 our first client started to use our electric vans, putting them  into live operation without hesitation. A pair of electric vehicles he has been using during this period drove on average


Greenway electric cars contribute to a cleaner environment in partnership with DPD

3. December 2013

Residents of Nitra and Bratislava may meet with GreenWay electric vans from late November to 23th December. In cooperation with the courier company DPD, we decided to at least partially contribute to reduction of transport emissions, by using two vans driving exclusively on electric power. Vans, with our drivers behind their wheels should convince the public that electric mobility can already positively affect their quality of life directly and indirectly. Thanks to zero emissions, low noise and efficient use of


GreenWay fleet welcomes new members

2. December 2013

GreenWay offer of electric vehicles has grown again. In addition to light commercial vehicles, our fleet now also includes three white Nissan Leafs, which are just as environmentally friendly as our electric vans based on Citroën Jumper model. Nissan Leaf very popular in the world and is a big step forward in regards to electromobility popularisation. GreenWay Operator therefore decided to introduce a new driving experience with personal electric vehicle Nissan Leaf within the Easy Electric service, which is based


GreenWay once again had proved that he has the upper hand. Pushed the world record in the range of electric cars

28. November 2013

Limited driving range is perhaps the most commonly used argument against buying or using electric vehicles. But technology has progressed to the point that electric vehicles can now provide their owners with typically more range than is actually needed each day. Not just in everyday life but also under the more demanding conditions of daily business operation. To prove that this is indeed the case, GreenWay attempted to break the world record for greatest distance travelled within 24 hours by


Number of registered electric cars in Germany increased severalfold

18. November 2013

According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) the number of registered electric cars in October nearly surpassed the magic number of 1,000. Compared with September this is a twofold increase, compared with October last year threefold increase in the number of units sold. Top sellers in October 2013 were Smart Fortwo Electric (331 registrations) and hot new BMW i3 with the registration numbers close to two hundred (197 units). Model S from Tesla, which dominates the U.S. market


GreenWay plans to build a dense network of fast-charging stations

11. November 2013

Developing an infrastructure of charging stations is a critical and essential part of the promotion of electric vehicles. Extensive globalinvestments in this area indicate what further steps can be expected in developing regions, with Central Europe belonging to that group. In order for owners of electric cars to have added value in the form of fast-charging stations, along with Nissan, GreenWay is developing a vast recharginginfrastructure with the construction of fast-charging stations that would cover the operational needs of most customers along the key transportroutes. The company GreenWay plans to build a full network of fast charging stations on the main highways D1 and R1,


GreenWay is entering first foreign market

11. November 2013

After finalising the technology last winter, testing it in spring, and then beginning commercial operation in summer we are proud to announce  this  new market entry this autumn. It is the next step in fulfilling our strategy to become the internationally recognised provider of electromobility services. In partnership with the Vienna based Venture Capital company Value Management Services we aim to approach top tier customers all around the country. Austria is well known for its positive attitude towards clean technology. When it comes to the sales of light commercial vehiclesthe Austrian market is four times bigger than in Slovakia. The Vienna


BMW pleases fans of electric cars. Model i3 sales above expectations

29. October 2013

The BMW company which a few months ago introduced its small i3 electric car could not have known what wave of interest will  this conceptually very advanced car raise. The European electric car market takes shape only gradually and most automakers are very careful or restrained in their predictions for the old continent. The analysts spoke about the large gap that arose between conservative Western countries and the Nordic countries that are accommodating electromobility by providing a number of attractive


Volvo completed the development of wireless charging. Batteries as a part of chassis

29. October 2013

Swedish manufacturer is working on the development of advanced materials, which could replace conventional chassis panels and transform them into batteries. The development, into which the automaker since 2010 already invested several million euros, could  in the near future using the carbon nano-batteries and super-capacitors effectively replace or supplement conventional lithium batteries in electric vehicles. Even though the concept is still in development stage the first test were carried out which showed the potential for possible uses of the concept.


GreenWay Operator appears in the Nitra Autosalon

15. October 2013

The GreenWay Operator took part in Autoshow Nitra autosalon, held at Agrokomplex on 3 to 6 October 2013. Nitra motor show is one of the few Slovak exhibitions which are enjoying an increasing interest from the lay and professional public. Compared to 2010 the event was attended by 50 percent more visitors, indicating growing quality but also popularity with the numerous audience. GreenWay Operator could not miss this celebration of motorism and during technical part Fleet Day of the program, 


Wireless charging for electric cars could become integral part of parking lots

15. October 2013

Wireless charging of electric cars is nothing new. A number of companies are working on their own concepts of alternative charging for electric vehicles. To mention for example Bosh, which already has a similar system and offers it as an additional, affordable and interesting solution for several types of cars. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology meanwhile run test drives of an electric bus that draws its energy directly from the road. Several centimeters below the asphalt in the


Infrastructure of charging stations Better Place will expand with new owner

11. October 2013

The current situation on the market is simply favourable to electromobiles. This is evidenced by the growing interest of consumers as well as producers themselves, who are already not afraid to admit that electromobility is going to in the next few years change the automotive world. Even the adamant supporters of combustion engines know that their companies’ manufactories will need to adapt to the demand for electric vehicles and hybrids, which truly exists and accelerates every year.   The new


Study confirms: Limited range of electric vehicles is only a psychological barrier

11. October 2013

The strongest and also the most often used negative argument against electric cars is their limited range and the need for frequent and especially unexpected charging. According to the German psychologists led by Dr. Thomas Frank this is just an unfounded dogma, irrational in its own way. Text: The everyday use of the electric car gets, among ordinary consumers, allegedly linked to the frustration from the short driving range and unforeseeable cases of vehicle stopping working due to flat battery.


The companies compete in numbers of patents in the electromobility segment

30. September 2013

The electromobility is already becoming an industry seeing increasing competition. The patents are becoming strategic article for virtually all major car manufacturers, which in a long term count on the electromobility boom. In Germany this progressive segment recorded between 2008 and 2011 the largest increase in demand for patent granting, which now make up three percent of all requests received by the German Patent Office. Talking in numbers it concerns around 1,600 patents approved and published in mid-2013. Their number increased


GreenWay at the traditional British golf day

29. September 2013

In the first half of September the traditional British golf day “British Golf Cup” was held in Czech Republic. It differed from the usual public events by smaller scope, but friendly atmosphere. The players could take part in the tournaments organized thanks to the strong support of partner companies. The GreenWay Operator took a part in the event as a partner in  order to draw attention to its international activities and planned penetration  into the Czech market. The GreenWay Operator


GreenWay will be offering new Koncept2 vans

25. September 2013

After successful deployment of purely electric supply eVan the GreenWay Operator comes with new, and more sophisticated, electric vehicles Koncept 2. Since the electromobility segment is constantly evolving, GreenWay wants to offer its customers with the latest advances to facilitate the efficient use of electric cars with an emphasis also on the economic aspect of the operation. The most significant change compared to the original electric vehicles is the engine power, which increased by more than half from the original


BMW presents its electromobile

1. September 2013

BMW tried to redefine urban mobility and environmentally-conscious driving. The results is new BMW i3 with its visionary design of tomorrow. Its innovative BMW eDrive power train was designed in the scope of BMW EfficientDynamics technology. It is  not only locally emission-free and also offers an incomparable nearly silent driving experience. After four years of development the new car will be available for first customers this year. Read More:


eGallon tells you how much you can save.

1. September 2013

How much can you save by daily commuting to work? The price of gasoline is easy to find out - it is posted at very gas station. But how much would cost driving with electromobile? Thanks to eGallon from American Department of Energy you can get quick and simple answers. It calculates the savings on cost of electricity for electromobiles. eGallon tool can tell you the price of electricity in your state and then calculate how much you can save